These are some projects at varying stages. They are mostly JavaScript based things.

There are a number of fairly experimental projects in various states of maturity here. If one day a page on this website causes your computer to crash, then I'm sorry, and if you let me know I'll try and stop it happening to someone else, but that's it. The worst that should ever happen is that something using lots of JavaScript slows down your computer. How this affects things is up to your browser, operating system, and patience.


The following don't yet have information on this site, though I'll probably try and consolidate things a but more soon.

  • BrotMap

    a precomputed Mandelbrot map, which revels in brute force and thinks nothing of using dozens of gigabytes of storage to document the detail of the Mandelbrot set. There is only one, so why not 'evaluate' it?!

  • pylibftdi

    A minimal pythonic interface to FTDI devices using libftdi, where most simple operations are trivial and presented at with a clean high-level API. (If read/write can be called an API).

More soon...